About Our Brand

About the Founders

You've probably heard a lot of our passion for jewellery by now and might be wondering why it took so long for us to pursue this. We both grew up in NZ and moved to Melbourne to study economics and finance at Melbourne University.

While our time there has taught us invaluable lessons, we couldn't suppress our love of all things jewellery for much longer and with a few initial scribbles and drawings on paper, Noirdes was born. Since both of us strive for perfection, we took time to complete courses at The Gemological Institute of America. 


Our vision is to be the #1 recognised fashion jewellery brand that delivers the most high quality timeless jewellery.We have the aim to create beautiful and well-crafted items that will be loved and used for decades. We’re not interested in making lots of items. Just really well designed, well made items. Less and better.


We have long held the belief that one should strive for perfection. This is the thinking we have embodied when crafting jewellery that can enable one to feel unique and confident.

We want you to have the freedom to individualise yourself by wearing pieces that can only be described as immaculate. You can be in a vivid summer dress or love-worn jeans, but you will subtly stand out from everyone else.

Lost and Found is our first collection and was inspired by the founders own journeys towards creating a dream. In an ugly world, this is a reminder that beauty and hope exists.

 What we stand for 

  • We truely believe that what’s on the inside that counts. Unlike plated and vermeil jewellery- sterling silver is built to last, and won't rub off or change colour overtime.
  • We only work with high quality materials, from precious metals to genuine gemstones and ethically sourced diamonds. 
 How it's made
  • To make fine jewellery accessible, we've managed to build relations with the best manufacturers and sell directly to you. Together as a team we commit to exceptional craftsmanship and responsible production.
  • Our jewellery is made with the same top quality materials and craftsmanship as other luxury accessories brand but without the traditional markups.